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Scout Programs

Meet badge requirements by visiting the Detroit Zoo! Bring your group and choose one of our daytime adventures.

All Scout Quests include a tour of the Zoo and an interactive biofact presentation by a Volunteer Educator.

Cost: $2 per person (plus admission to the Zoo).
Parents and siblings are welcome to attend at the same cost as scouts.

Group minimum is 10, maximum is 40 (as with any group visiting the Zoo, you must have at least one adult for every ten children).

Scout Quest
General Scout Tour
Scouts of all ages can explore the Zoo with a personalized guide.
Tiger 'Backyard Jungle'
Discover animals that live near you and at the Zoo! Hike through the Zoo while using your senses to observe animals. Requirements 1-3, 5
Wolf 'Grow Something'
How do vegetables grow? Which plants help animals? These questions and more will be explored during this quest. Requirements 1-4
Bear 'Fur, Feathers and Ferns'
Explore mammals, birds, plants and more! By learning about endangered species, discover ways to make a difference locally and the importance of being a voice for animals in your community. Requirements 1-7
Webelos 'Into the Wild'
Why do animals do the things they do? In this quest, you will use observation and exploration to understand some of the animals that call the Zoo home. Requirements 3-9
Daisy 'Three Cheers for Animals!'
Explore the Zoo and learn about different animal needs. Journey topic "I need care; animals need care. I can do both."
Brownie 'Bugs'
Explore the Detroit Zoo and the bugs that call it home! Learn about butterflies and other bugs and their importance to people and the environment. Steps 2-5.
Brownie 'Letterboxer'
Solve zoo-themed clues and learn about the hobby of letterboxing! Steps 1, 3 and 4. Complete step 2 before your visit.
Junior 'Animal Habitats'
Study animal behavior, discover a habitat in danger, and learn how animals survive in extreme environments. Steps 1-4